Do unicorns really exist?


Unicorn dating is not everyone’s cup of tea. But it is highly appreciated by those associated with it. They have their own reasons why they prefer to be three and not two. Either way, they are happy in their relationship.

In the recent past, unicorn dating has not been popular like before. We either hear of heterosexual also known as ‘straight’ relationships or bisexuals. From this perspective, unicorn dating is vanishing day by day.

There are many reasons that can cause the fading away of threesome relationships. They include;

Evolving Generation

As years pass by, the generation is changing. The people die with old characters and new ones come in and replace the older ones.


The rate at which HIV/Aids and other STI’s are spreading is traumatizing. It feels a little bit safe in a relationship of two. You trust and can only blame each other in case of anything unlike unicorn dating where there is a third party.

Stable Women

Unlike before, education is valued. Learned women with stable jobs are no longer interested in relationships especially unicorn. They are focusing in their jobs and fix their sexual desires when need arise. Of course, there are one night stand activities.

Completely No Unicorns?

The change of mindset of people about unicorn dating does not mean that its completely out of market. Unicorn dating sites are still running though with less active members. Only that they are not popular like before.

Regardless, there are some people in straight relationships seeking for a third member. This usually happens when a man decides to add another woman in their union. It may be as a result of frequent misunderstanding between him and his first woman. Still, he might not get sexual satisfaction and decide to seek it from someone else.

Is it Possible to Find Local Unicorn?

It is very possible. Local unicorns are available everywhere even though in scarcity. They are of two types. They either expose their true colors or lay low until approached.
A local unicorn may feel safe from exposure that online dating sites offer. But, she may lose chances of joining an open couple looking for a unicorn.

Despite of the recent point of view by different people, unicorn dating has its die-hards. There are open couples looking for unicorns. Without a third party, they feel incomplete. All in all, that is what makes them happy. Fulfilling their heart desires is an achievement.

Unicorn dating is one’s choice. You cannot be who people want you to be. Do not listen to their noise. Follow your heart.